Our Services

After 93 years in operation, we know the greatest service is your satisfaction. That’s why we’re on-call with trained technicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; real people, not machines, answer our phones. Unlike other propane suppliers that just supply propane, Bowman Gas offers repair, service and installation as well.

We offer the following services for your residential and commercial needs:

  • Propane delivery: From your outdoor grill to a 1,000-gallon commercial tank
  • Sales, installation, and service of bulk storage tanks
  • Sales, installation, and service of propane appliances
    • Weil McLain gas boilers
    • Rudd furnaces
    • Empire space heaters
    • Bradford White water heaters
    • Crosley and Estate ranges
    • Consul and Unique refrigerators
  • Propane auto-fill: Never run out of gas again

We would like to introduce you to some of the programs that Bowman Gas Co. offers to their customers. These programs include:

We would also like to provide you with information about our tank sets.

Please take the time to read the following information and let us know if there is anything that we can help you with.

Budget Payment Plan
Our Budget Plan is based on your previous year’s gallons (we will estimate for new customers) and is divided into 12 monthly payments. The first budget payment is in June and continues thru May. The benefits of our budget plan to you are:
  • A set payment at the same time every month
  • No large heating bill
  • If a balance remains on your account but you are up to date on your payments, you will not be charged a service charge

If you are interested in our budget plan, you may call either of our location to receiver more information.
Auto Fill Service
We offer an auto fill service, which mean that you are put into our computerized degree-day delivery routing system. This system figures out how often you will need gas based on the outside temperature and the appliances that you have running on propane. When our system decides that you should need propane, our computer prints a ticket and a driver will make the delivery. Just because you are on the auto fill program does not mean that you never have to look at your tank. You must pay special attention to the amount of gas in your tank if you add any appliances (for example a pool heater), supplement your heat with something other than your propane system, or if your heating needs change.
Pre-purchase Program
We offer a pre-purchase program to our customers every year. You may pay ahead for your winter’s fuel. This amount is based on your previous year’s usage (this will be estimated for new customers). All pre-purchased gallons must be paid for in full upon acceptance of this program.

A mailing is sent to each customer when this program becomes available.
Bulk Tank Sets
We have 325 and 500 gallon bulk tanks available for new sets. Our tank sets are no charge and this includes 50 feet of plastic tube, the regulator, fittings, and labor to set the tank and run tube outside of building. Any additional tube will be charged at the current price. We will need to do a gas check – pressure check and complete appliance safety and compliance inspection. This will be done no charge. Any parts and/or repairs needed to comply with all regulations will be charged on a time and material basis. Our tanks are set on an annual rental basis:
  • If you use less than 400 gallons $96 per year.
  • If you use between 400 and 600 gallons $48 per year.
  • If you use over 600 gallons per year the rent is no charge.
Technician on Truck

Technician working on stove